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Doctor Who tattoo Beginnings by Gryffin-Tattoo Doctor Who tattoo Beginnings by Gryffin-Tattoo
This is the layout of my new tattoo idea. *Heres hoping!*

I\'ve always wanted a Doctor Who tattoo, always always, but could never work out how best to go about it. Then of course I thought of Gallifreyan.

Now, New Gallifreyan is meant to act as a math problem to be solved when reading. So here is a simple number for letter code.

\'Love travels through Time and Space. Love will find what she seeks.\'

Soppy I know, but heh, thats me.

Hoping to get the sketch uploaded within the next day, the one with colours! (Blue, purple, red)

It will go in an infinity symbol around my elbow, with it crossing on the inner elbow. Will see if I can get a friend to do me a 3D model.

Images are courtetesy of their respestive artists and creators. for those symbols that aren\'t numbers. I am unsure to the artist of the other.

*I do commisions! for free! If your looking for something traditional or a wee bit out there!*
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RiverSong15 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
I love the Gallifreyan symbols, but I can't seem to find them on that site you linked to :(

Your tattoo quote is beautiful :)
MountlandKay Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
wow great idea.

I didn't knew that gallifreyan was supposed to be something to do with maths and love the idea of a number for a letter code.

I have always wanted a dr who tattoo - have considered a small catronny tardis on my hip or something. Did consider gallifreyan writting but could never make it look pretty - in my desings it always ended up looking likt a big squiggle but love the idea of it meaning something more than just being 'writting from dr who'.

cant wait to see a pic of it on your arm.

would you consider doing an art exchange with me - you designing me a tattoo and i could create a music vid for you - with a pairing and fandom of your choice. please?
Gryffin-Tattoo Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
Well, after much discussion with my tattooists I went with the japanese TARDIS in the end. More for cost than anything else. Still looking for the one person who can get the lines just right, no easy task I can assure you.

If you want a tattoo designed, just note me the details and I will get right on it! I love designing them, and get little chance to. People I know either don't want them or can't afford them!

Thank you very much for the comments also, can't believe how well the idea was received.

MountlandKay Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009
cool, i hope you find someone good soon.
I'm lucky to live near a really good place that does piercings and tattoos at a reasonable price (they are called 'marks and punctures' lol)

i am dont have a particular design in mind so i'll give you a few guidelines and leave the rest up to you.

1. maybe part of an in-joke/quote with who fans but not so strange that people who dont know about dr who cant apreciate it
2.some gallifreyan symbols
3. uni-sex - nothing really butch or biker-tattoo like but nothing girly - would prefer it to be delicate rather than bold - quite arty with a sense of movement in it.
4. symbolic
5. if you do any words with the gallifreyan symbols could the meaning be about travelling, doing what is right or any other sentiment that you feel sums up the doctor with a hint of darkness, oldness and myth (like those strange 100 word drabbles that pop up on livejournal occasionally) (i dont think this point makes much sense )

I am not to bothered about colour - i would prefer black but dont mind a few oranges, greens or reds being used but dont want lots of bright clashing colours.

my favourite doctors are 5th and 10th, i love captain jack and other companions i like are - adric (4/5ths time), romana (2nd regeneration 4ths time).

as for where abouts on my body - i am not sure where - somewhere were it wouldnt be obvious to everyone (maybe in a place i could chose to expose if i wanted to show it) so thinking thigh, maybe shoulders (not sure), bottom, hip or lower stomac.

when making something for someone i always liek to know a bt about their personality so that i can work that into the design so i'll tell you a bit about myself incase it helps you:

i'm 17 and a sci-fi geek as i love the idea of leavingt his earth for anther planet, i love travelling, dog mad - i compete in agility with my dogs, abit sporty, crazy and hyper active, deep thinker who doesnt think in the same way anyone else does and tends to over complicate things, i love nature and i am adventurous. (ekk its hard talking about myself i get real self concious lol)

so yeah - i think thats everything sorry for having rambled on abit.

hope you enjoy desiging it - if i get it done i will send you a picture of it on me.

thanks again
Gryffin-Tattoo Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
Okie, some ideas for you.
Thinking of a celtic knot entwined with a few symbols. The symbols never meant anything to me, I made up an alphabet with them. So, if you have any preferences to which symbols you would like.

Now, for a colour version, there is a gallifrey lily, which is quite pretty. For a black version, there is the seal of rassilion in its place.

What do you think?

MountlandKay Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
interesting idea
i have always thought that thick celtic tattoos looks a bit odd but thinner more dainty ones look great. not too bothered with which symbols - the easiest ones to draw i suppose so that they dont have to bee to big to be clear.

sounds cool - would normally say no to a flower tattoo but i am happy to go along with the idea and see how it turns out.

not to keen on the old seal of rassilon - i think it would look to celtic with the celtic knot thing.

I found a picture on deviantart that was quite cool and i wondered if you could use it as insparation for this tattoo here is the link [link]

all of your ideas sound great - i am very excited lol

anyho i am scared of my fridge at the moment - it was making sounds like a wasp - i mean a big wasp - like the wasp out of doctor who episode 7 - humungus. then is started gurlgling like a kid drinking smootie real loud and is now making sawing noises - i think my fridge is alive and is gona eat me(or is at least connected to the rift and is dumping aliens into it) - anyho i hope your life was enlightened by that information i must now force myself to revise some more (A level biology exam tomorrow..ekk)
Gryffin-Tattoo Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009

Been doing a night shift over the last week so haven't had much time for drawing. eek!

Will be doing a few sketches over the next week or two and letting you see some ideas.

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